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Rewriting Paradigms for Social Impact

My questioning of paradigms began the first time I slept in the desert. The experience gave me a new way of seeing things and awoke the words in me. 


It continued with my educational choices, my marriage, my career, and the way I see education in this country. 


My career has spanned decades in higher education and corporate learning, and I have been called many things: teacher, administrator, content developer, curriculum and learning designer, writer, and strategic consultant. 

I learned from and with some of the best in the field, starting with my teaching days at Columbia University and my work with the story-based virtual learning team at Cognitive Arts, the marketing team at MindMax, and the cross-functional teams at McKinsey & Company. 


The deans I have worked with at Brown University, UCLA, Syracuse University, and others are paving the way for new paradigms of learning and new ways of doing business at their institutions. 


Over the past few years, I have met with and written about some of the most innovative change agents within the field of K-12 edtech as well.


With Rewriting Paradigms, I expanded the passion I have had for changing education to embrace other issues effecting our society today. I can help you communicate your organization's, or your personal impact more effectively.

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