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Simpler times.

Sheri Handel as a child

Tools for Changing Paradigms 

I write about changing paradigms and provide writing and consulting services for those involved in education and social impact.

Our world is changing in good ways and bad, but change for the better can not happen fast enough. Much of what we were raised to take for granted is no longer the case. 

Although we live in a world of excessive communication, the finely-tuned written word, as a means of generating thought and as a precursor to action, has never been more important.


Rewriting Paradigms offers a new setting for contributions to such dialogue and support for those who have a message to share and need help crafting it. 



Visit Rewriting Paradigms to explore ideas related to changing mores, both positive and negative, and to participate in dialogue as to what we can do to move forward in a more positive direction. 

Be the Change

If you are involved in social impact work and want to share your story, I can help. Here's a quick overview of my background and some of the services I can provide. 

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